365 Lolita Challenge Day 8 - 16

I´m late for my second "365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge" - entry, but I really had no time for doing it before, because I finally get a new kitchen, yay <3
I´m super happy about that even if it´s a lot of work. I hope that we´ll be able to finish most of the work this weekend.

Definitly one of my favorite places for Lolita is the japanese patisserie "Imorii"
The place is so beautifully decorated and their cakes and sweets are delicious <3

I would try to do a coord based on Cinderella with my Innocent World Gertrude JSK.
The print with the castle and the carriage reminds me of the ball night. Then I would add the Innocent World book bag which suits the royal theme of the story. My "Once upon a time necklace" and a pocket watch necklace would complete everything.
This isa really simple coord, but I think it would suit my style better than some fancy fairytale print...

As Innocent World is my favorite band I would obviously really want to visit one of their shops. But I´ll also love to take a stroll through one of the closet child shops, because I love a lot of older pieces,
which aren´t availeble at brand shops anymore and I´m a bargain hunter ;)

I saw how bobbin lace is made on a few occasions (for example on a craft fair) and this is really fascinating. I believe it would take less than 5 minuites for me to mess everything up completely...

I´d love to complete this little challenge, but it´s just not possible at the moment. All my stuff is packed in boxes until my new kitchen is built up. I try to use as as little dishes as possible (just a few cups for coffee...), but I´m happy to do this when my kitchen isn´t a construction zone anymore -__-

Done. I´ve read a translation of one of his short stories.
"Double Dare"

Thanks for this disturbing bedtime story Novala-sama...


Unfortunately I´m not a big fan of too strong fragrances in my bedroom... Fresh air every day and fresh washed linen is normally enough fo me. But I addes a scented candly to my bedside table (hopefully this counts :P )

When my kitchen is ready for cooking again I´ll do this for sure...
I think about:

- French Onion Soup
- "Käsespätzle"
- American Cookies Cream

365 Lolita Challenge

Time to do the 365 Lolita Lifestyle Challenge

Here is the first week

-> More handmade stuff
I would like to practise sewing a little more (otome no sewing patterns are waiting) and use all my craftig material lying around

-> Wigs
get some new and try different styles (normally I just prefer my own hair, but sometimes that´s rather boring)

-> Loose weight
Fit all my dresses properly again and feel more confident taking pictures

-> Minimize wishlist
I don´t spend a lot of money for Lolita troughout the year, so if I buy something it should be a wishlist item, because my wishlist gets bigger and bigger

I live in a small village in the countryside, so there isn´t muchgoing on in my area.
But I found this small homeland museum just 5min from my home, whichshows typical rooms and furniture from the beginning of the last century.

Ina small townjust 10min further you can visit the landmark and an old underground defence construction (which I´m probably doing in summer)

aimichani and eiskobold....
You know I love spending your money, so I always keep my eyes openfor you :P

I learned a simple fishbraid yay <3
My first try was awful, my second accepteble, but not good enough for sharing a picture of it :P
I´m going to try this on a wig soon

I just started "Little Lord Fauntleroy" by Frances Hodgson Burnett.
I often saw the movie, which is shown multiple times every year around christmas, but I never read the book before...
So this task was just the opportunity for it.

I choose the german opening for Sailor Moon, because I can be a magical girl every time of the day^^

My boyfriend was like: "...Is that...is that Sailor Moon??..."

As I don´t have a favorite dress, I just choose my very first Lolita JSK because it will always be special to me.

I love the dot texture of the fabric, the print is beautiful and still fits my style and the lace is really adorable

Thank you for reading <3 <3 <3

Still alive

Hey there...

After surviving the last weeks with ridicolous amounts of christmas food and sweets and cookies and other delicious things I decided 2016 will be the year to start a little blogging again.
Though I haven´t used this journal for a very long time I decided to finally fill it with life.
There isn´t probably anyone interested in all the nonsense I´ll write, but I am still a bit exited to start this journal again.

A few days ago the 365 Lifestyle Lolita Challenge from Lace a la Mode started and I´d love to participate.

I´m just not going to post about it every day, but rather once a week, because I don´t always have the time or am in the right mood for it. First post about day 1-7 will be tomorrow.

And also, like every January, the EGL Community started their famous Wardobe theme and I also would like to post my beloved little collection.
I already did a wardrobe post in 2012 and 2014. Last year I didn´t join in, because my closet is growing so slow that it just  wouldn´t be worth participating two years in a row.
But I hope I´ll find the time to get pictures at least of my main pieces until the end of the month (right now we´re renovating our kitchen and I literally live in the dirt -__-)

So let´s see how long I am motivated to keep this going :D